Support and maintenance

Today businesses make huge investments on network equipment to protect their critical assets. But using just hardware is not enough to securing networks. Unfortunately, many organizations lack required resources to using products and protect their networks. We know and understand these challenges very well so have launched a technical support center in order to serve organizations their need in the related field.  

What Ressis Co. has in mind is that organizations ensure about the maintenance of their value of investment and increasing efficiency. Our technical team will accompany the organizations in all stages including choosing hardware, hardware implementation according to customers` need and the most advance infrastructure and security settings in order to provide the most suitable services

Modern technologies presentation never has starting or ending point and this is our technical team task to accompany you by updating their knowledge, optimization and continuous management to all solutions and grant you tranquil.

Designing and implementing network projects is starting point for close for creating a sustainable relationship between Ressis and customers.

Considering importance of quick response to customers’ call, problem survey and facilitating the follow-up of our customers we have launched a support system that customers can call to our professional team as quick as possible and getting appropriate advices after registering the request.

To access the Ressis support system, just keep in touch with our sales experts.

Ressis` experienced support experts share their experiences and knowledge for free in the wiki tab.