Design and Implementation

Computer networks principled designing and datacenter implementation according to the newest standards of IT is one of the basic requirements in the implementation of network infrastructure projects. By the way, optimal and efficient communication relies on the hardware equipment that is installed and implemented in the IT infrastructure.

Different kinds of hardware including cables, connections, servers, routers, switches, firewalls, storages and other appliances effect on the basic and optimal design of an up-to-date and efficient network.

Ressis Co. is proud of accompanying you by advanced designing and providing expert solutions in IT field and implementation of datacenters in order to advancing organizational goals according to global network standards and the newest technologies.

Datacenters design and implementation services are provided by Ressis Co. as below:

  • Design, provision and implementing of datacenter passive structure
  • Design and implementing of datacenter physical infrastructure
  • Providing datacenter physical and cyber security solutions
  • Systems and managing services launching as well as monitoring


“Providing expert advice in purchasing and provisioning required hardware and software equipment for organizational networks”, “offering various solutions to optimal use of hardware devices” and also “reducing maintenance costs in order to improve network management and control” are very important and necessary. So Ressis Co. will accompany you in designing, consulting and implementing through cooperating with network experienced professors and getting certified in related field.