Firewalls can be considered as the most strategic part of network security infrastructure; they can observe all traffic and also, they are placed in the most effective location in order to run security policies. Regardless of next generation IT technologies, network security must be simple. Palo Alto enterprise firewalls technology apply automation and artificial intelligence to save users` time as well as increase security efficiency. Unfortunately, traditional firewalls rely on port and protocols to classify the traffic so advanced application and professional bad-guys will be able to bypass them easily by hopping ports, deploying SSL and intrusion through port 80 or using non-standard ports. Traditional firewalls and UTMs cannot provide necessary security to next generation applications, users and infrastructures. At their best, they prevent reaching applications to network which harms your business and limits the innovation.

Palo Alto Networks was established by a Forward-looking person in security named “Nir Zuk”, aiming redesigning the firewall to become the most strategic network security appliance.

Palo Alto NGFW firewalls enable unprecedented visibility and granular policy control of applications and content — by user, not just IP address — at up to 10Gbps.

Based on App-ID™ Technology, Palo Alto Networks firewalls identify applications accurately and regardless of port, protocol, evasive tactic, or SSL encryption scan contents to stop threats and prevent data leakage. Organizations can embrace next generation applications by using Palo Alto products for the first time, while maintain complete visibility and control.

Palo Alto NGFWs deliver unique features like below:

  • The only firewall that classifies the traffic based on accurate application detection, not just based on port and protocol data.
  • The only firewall that can detect, control and inspect SSL encrypted traffic & applications.
  • The only firewall which scans the content in real time in order to protect you against virus, spyware, data leakage and application vulnerabilities based on a streaming-based threat prevention engine
  • The only firewall to provide graphical visualization of applications on the networks along with detail information of users, groups and network-level data which categorized by session, byte, port, threat and time
  • The only firewall that operates at lowest latency at all services even under-load ones.
  • The only firewall that provides a logical perimeter for mobile users
  • The only firewall that identifies unknown malicious files which often used in targeted attacks, by directly and automatically executing them in virtual cloud