Dell EMC is an American multinational corporation headquartered in HopkintonMassachusetts, United States. Dell EMC vends data storageinformation securityvirtualization, analytics, cloud computing and other products and services that enable organizations to store, manage, protect, and analyze data.

Dell EMC classifies its storage products to three main groups:

  • Primary Storage
  • Unstructured Data Storage
  • Data Storage Essentials

Primary Storage


PowerMax helps your vital workloads to meet your organizational needs as quickly as possible through end-to-end NVMe, real-time machine learning, integrated cloud migration and stable bandwidth of 350 GB/S.


PowerFlex software-defined storage helps the organizations who plans for datacenter modernization. This product while simplifying performance and infrastructure management, causes flexibility, scalability and enterprise-level performance.


This product helps to increase IT operations efficiency, changing workflow by using Data Copy Management and reducing storage space by means of Inline Data Deduplication. All these things will occur by Xtreme IO.


The new family of PowerStore has eliminated traditional workloads by its intelligent, flexible and data-driven infrastructure.

Unstructured Data Storage


Dell Technologies delivers the most advance NAS and server solutions in the globe. It combined flexibility of a software-defined architecture with hardware innovations so you can advance faster.


Dell ECS, the world`s most cyber-secure object storage, in addition being affordable, delivers scalability, resiliency and great performance. ECS as a turnkey or a software-defined model is usable and also offers rich compatibility with S3 in a globally distributed architecture. By the way it enables organizations to support enterprise workloads such as cloud-native, archive, IoT, AI, and big data analytics applications at scale.

Streaming Data Platform

Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform is an enterprise-level and innovative software-define platform that allows organizations implement their historical and real-time data in an auto-scale infrastructure. By the way organizations can achieve innovation by using Streaming Data through their unstructured data.

Data Storage Essentials


CloudIQ integrates machine intelligence and human intelligence in order to storage administrators will be able to take quick actions and more efficiently manage their Dell EMC environment. CloudIQ is supported by PowerMax, PowerStore, PowerScale, PowerVault, Dell EMC Unity XT, XtremeIO, SC Series, VxBlock  nad Connectrix switches.


DataIQ is a storage monitoring and dataset management software for unstructured data that empowers organizations to identify and classify data as well as transfer them between different storage systems and the cloud. DataIQ provides enterprises a unified file system view of PowerScale, ECS, third-party platforms and the cloud – delivering unique insights into data usage and storage system health.

Connectrix SAN

The Dell EMC Connectrix family switches transfer your organization’s critical business data to where it’s needed quickly and securely, along with the highest performance, the highest availability and unsurpassed reliability.